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Motorcycle insurance is in many respects, similar to automobile insurance but with some minor changes and additional coverage options specific to the needs of motorcyclists.

Coverages you'll want to see in your motorcycle insurance policy include Collision, Other Than Collision, Liability coverage, Medical Payments, Safety Apparel Coverage and Coverage for any optional equipment (Optional Equipment Coverage) installed on your bike.

Optional Motorcycle Insurance coverages include Increased Liability Limits, *Replacement Cost Total Loss Settlement Coverage, Increased limits on Optional Equipment Coverage, Towing and roadside assistance with Trip Interruption Coverage and Coverage on transport trailers.

*Replacement Cost Total Loss Settlement - Typically provides replacement cost coverage for up to two years on bikes purchased new and with a specified maximum MSRP. Most companies only apply this coverage when you purchase a new motorcycle from a dealer and insure it with them within 30 days of purchase.

Motorcycle Insurance Quote

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Motorcycle Insurance Discounts

Some insurance companies offer special benefits for installation of anti-theft devices, such as Lojack. Discounts may also be available for motorcycle riders who have completed an approved safety course. Some motorcycle insurance programs also offer multi-unit discounts, prior motorcycle insurance discounts and multi-policy discounts. Speak with your Dean Insurance Agency representative to determine which plans and discounts best fit your needs and cycling lifestyle.

Motorcycle Saftey

Bikers know a sense of freedom that only comes from cruising the open road on two (or three) wheels. All of your senses are in use. that sudden rush of cold air as you coast into a valley, the smell of fresh-mown lawns in a neighborhood, the musty odor of rotting leaves as you pass a wooded area or cross a river and that pungent aroma of a dairy barn all sweep under your face shield and then go within seconds. The rumble of the engine and sounds of the exhaust are almost intoxicating. Riding is fun. It is also dangerous.

You have no protection around you; other drivers often simply do not see you and the weather can create a set of extreme challenges never experienced by automobile drivers. A whole different set of skills and a very different mindset are required for safe motorcycling. Whether you've been riding for 40 years or 40 days, we highly recommend periodic motorcycle safety courses.

Even experienced riders come away from safety classes with a couple of new ideas to help them stay safe. Some cycle shops offer classes and classes are sponsored by the Motorcycle Safety foundation. Whether you decide to find/take a class or not, please take time to visit the Motorcycle Safety Foundation's website at It is an interesting and helpful site for all motorcyclists and class schedules/locations are posted. The Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration also sponsors a helpful website at

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