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Your homeowner’s insurance policy offers a combination of property and liability coverages in one convenient package to serve a variety of needs.

The basic part of your homeowners insurance covers the physical structure of your home, appurtenant structures and your personal property.

For losses caused by the negligence of you or others in your household which result in injury or property damage to another person, your homeowner’s insurance policy provides liability coverages.

With these coverages you and other household members are protected in the event you are found legally responsible for such injuries and damages.

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A typical Home Insurance Policy protects you and your home or condominium against losses caused by:

  • Windstorm or Hail
  • Fire or Lightning
  • Weight of Ice and
  • Snow
  • Freezing
  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Certain types of glass breakage
  • Explosion
  • Smoke
  • Vehicles

Certain types of property are typically covered only for limited amounts however these amounts may differ depending upon the specific insurance company contract and the state where the policy is written. These types of property may include:

• Money, bank notes, bullion, some precious metals.
• Securities, accounts, deeds, manuscripts, passports, tickets and stamps
• Watercraft, including trailers and equipment
• Theft of jewelry, furs, watches, precious stones
• Theft of firearms
• Theft of silverware, goldware and pewterware
• Property on the residence premises used at any time or in any manner for business purposes.
• Loss to electronic equipment while in or on a motor vehicle or other conveyance

For Homeowners:

Your house, garage and other structures on your property are covered for the cost of repairing or replacing them after a loss, subject to policy limits and provisions.

For Condominium Owners:

Condo policies provide coverage for appliances, alterations, fixtures and improvements that are part of your unit up to your policy limit.

For Renters:

Your personal property is covered for its purchase price, minus depreciation, up to the policy limit.


When we place your auto and home insurance with the same insurance company you receive a significant discount on both policies. Other discounts may include a loss free discount, new home purchase discount, smoke alarm, fire/burglar alarm, dead bolt locks and sprinkler systems discount. Speak with your customer service representative to determine which discounts may apply to you.

Optional Home Insurance Coverage

Valuable Articles:

Most policies provide some limited coverage for jewelry, furs, fine arts, firearms, silver and electronics. Talk to your agent about the dollar amounts of any such property you own. If the value of any of these items exceeds what is automatically included in your homeowners policy, a very modest additional premium will usually provide the additional protection you need.

Loss Assessment:

A valuable option that may be added to your Condo or Homeowners policy, Loss assessment covers you for losses assessed against you as a member of, and if required by, a condo or homeowner association, up to the policy limit.

Home Replacement Additional Amount of Insurance:

Construction costs can change drastically due to sudden unforeseen increases in materials costs. If you have insured your home to 100% of replacement cost value, an additional amount of insurance up to 25% or 50% of your Coverage " A " amount may be available for a small additional premium.

Personal Property Replacement Cost:

Pays to repair or replace damaged or destroyed items at today's price with no deduction for depreciation.

Water back-up and Sump Overflow:

This optional coverage pays for damage caused by water that backs up through sewers or drains and that is not caused by your negligence.

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