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Business Auto Insurance

Business Auto Insurance

Business Auto Insurance, aka Commercial Auto Insurance, is the general term that applies to insurance designed for land vehicles used for business purposes and licensed to operate on public roads.

This includes cars, trucks, trailers and semi-trailers designed for use on public roads. Mobile Equipment is NOT covered by a Business Auto Policy.

Coverage provided on a Business Auto Insurance Policy is very similar to that provided in a Personal Auto Policy.

Liability coverage protects the insured against claims involving accidental injury or property damage to others resulting from the use, maintenance or ownership of covered vehicles.

Auto Medical Payments pays medical expenses of occupants of an insured vehicle after an accident, up to the limits selected in the policy.

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage agrees to payoccupants of the insured vehicle for injuries sustained as a result of an accident with an uninsured or underinsured vehicle if it was the uninsured/underinsured driver's fault.

Physical Damage coverage ordinarily refers to Collision and Comprehensive coverages . Collision Coverage pays to repair the insured vehicle when it is involved in an at-fault accident. Comprehensive insurance pays for fire, theft, damage from hitting an animal and glass damage.

Hired Auto and Non-owned Auto are important optional coverages that should always be considered when purchasing Business Auto Insurance. Hired Auto coverage provides liability protection to the insured business when a hired vehicle is involved in an at-fault accident. Hired Auto coverage may also be endorsed to provide Hired Auto physical damage coverage but there is usually a specific maximum limit that may or may not be sufficient to cover repair or replacement of the hired vehicle. Discuss Hired Auto physical damage coverage with your agent and make sure you know the limits before renting a vehicle.

Non-owned coverage provides liability protection to the insured business when a vehicle it does not own, rent or lease is being used on its behalf and is involved in an at-fault accident. Most commonly this exposure exists when employees drive their own vehicles in the course of their employment. Non-owned coverage protects the insured business but does not protect the employee form any personal liability resulting from an automobile accident.

Rates for Commercial Automobile Insurance are determined by a number of factors including the intended use of the vehicles, age and specific type of vehicle, the gross vehicle weight, radius of operation, ages and driving records of the operators, Liability Limits and Deductibles chosen. Fleets, generally defined as five or more vehicles, may qualify for discounted Business Auto Insurance rates, again depending up the type of business, usage and other factors. As always, it is important to discuss your business operation, vehicles and vehicle usage in detail with your agent to ensure you are receiving the best rates and proper coverage for your Business Auto Insurance.

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